Lee Ru Bin Revealed To Have Been Injured During “MIXNINE” Recording

Liveworks Company’s Lee Ru Bin was injured at a recent recording for “MIXNINE.”

After the January 21 episode, fans were worried when Lee Ru Bin wasn’t present during the track selection for the final stage.

In response, his agency Liveworks Company revealed that he fell on stage during the ranking announcement. He was sent to the hospital immediately and was unable to participate in the track selection recording. He received treatment and has been resting.

Lee Ru Bin also took to his Instagram to reassure fans.

He explained, “This valuable program ‘MIXNINE’ revealed Lee Ru Bin, who introduced himself as a prince, to the world, and I want to complete it to the end. It is also a valuable promise I made with all of you who have given me love and attention to go until the last stage, and I also think it is as etiquette towards the viewers, so I have decided to join the final stage after resting a bit.”

“Sorry for making you worry. I will do my best to recover quickly,” he concluded.

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