Watch: “Night Goblin” Cast Can’t Stop Admiring Kim Ji Won’s Beauty

Lovely actress Kim Ji Won will be appearing in the next episode of JTBC’s variety show “Night Goblin!”

In the preview, the main cast of the show can’t help but shout with joy at the sight of the episode’s guest. When she eats (or does anything for that matter), they can’t help but watch her with admiration.

Kim Ji Won also reenacts a cute scene from “Fight My Way,” causing the Night Goblins’ hearts to race.

Throughout the show, the members continuously wonder why Kim Ji Won wanted to come on “Night Goblin,” and it’s revealed that she perhaps has a crush on one of them.

Watch the preview below!

The episode with Kim Ji Won will air on January 28 at 6:30 p.m. KST.