15 Most Outstanding Collaborations That Marked 2017

With music being universal, some of the best releases happen to be the fruit of two or more talented artists working together. This year, there was a major growth in the number of collaborations that happened domestically, and there was an interesting upgrade on a global level as well.

Presenting this year’s diverse and gifted nominees, here are 15 most outstanding collaborations that marked 2017.

1. Gallant X Tablo X Eric Nam: “Cave Me In”

Brilliant artists Gallant, Tablo, and Eric Nam teamed up to deliver one of 2017’s most mesmerizing songs. Deep and mellow, this English track will take you on a poetic journey as the lyrics unveil a beautiful love confession.

2. RM X Wale: “Change”

This unexpected collaboration left a significant impression on its audience. With a well-thought-out lyrical plan, rappers RM and Wale united to convey a strong societal message that expresses their desire to change the world.

3. Sanjoy X Youngjae X Stephen Rezza X Elliott Yamin: “Victim of Love”

This musical work is a dream come true for GOT7’s Youngjae, as he got to meet Elliott Yamin, one of his favorite singers. Together, the talented musicians vocally illustrate the heartbreaking aspect of a one-sided relationship in this MV.

4. Superfruit X Amber: “Fantasy”

Talk about a fruitful gathering! The musical duo was joined by Amber to grant us a lively song where they express their heart fluttering feelings while performing a cheerful dance routine.

5. BTS X Steve Aoki: “Mic Drop (Remix)”

This remix version surely made jaws drop. The effect of BTS’s old school dance break and their fervent rap lines is enhanced by Steve Aoki’s musical touch, making the song a lasting and chart-topping hit.

6. IU X G-Dragon: “Palette”

IU served us an aesthetic MV along with a track that talks about her reflections on growing up. It’s a one of a kind collaboration as the colorful song is perfectly complemented by G-Dragon’s thoughtful verses.

7. Heize X Shin Yong Jae: “You , Clouds, Rain”

In this MV, which has a black and white setting, Heize reminisces about the happy moments of a past relationship. Shin Yong Jae beautifully lends his voice to this melancholic track as his lyrics express the regrets about ruining the relationship.

8. Bolbbalgan4 X 20 Years Of Age: “We Loved”

The powerful labelmates joined vocals to tell the tale of a couple who grew apart as time passed, slowly losing feelings for one another, and eventually walking away from each other.

9. Suran X Changmo: “Wine”

Alongside Changmo’s groovy soft rap, Suran’s first chart-topping track talks about looking back on past memories of an ex-lover while sipping a glass of wine.

10. Chungha X Nucksal: “Why Don’t You Know”

This funky and upbeat song perfectly depicts summer vibes. Through conversational lyrics, Chungha and Nucksal playfully debate their push-pull relationship.

11. Hyolyn X Changmo: “Blue Moon”

In this heart-rending track, Changmo showcases his smooth rap as he sympathizes with Hyorin, who is feeling blue for being stuck in an unsteady romance.

12. Soyou X Baekhyun: “Rain”

Soyou and Baekhyun combined their soulful vocals in this soothing ballad, where they sing about rain being a symbolic reminder of both the happy and sad moments of couple that broke up.

13. Epik High X IU: “Love Story”

IU gracefully offered her vocals as a feature artist in Epik High’s laid-back track. Earning a certified all-kill, the song portrays a scary relationship that ends up destroying a pair’s magnetic bond.

14. Dynamic Duo X Chen: “Nosedive”

Dynamic Duo, Korea’s most famous hip hop duo, and Chen, one of the best vocalists in the industry, worked together on a healing masterpiece. Genuine words of solace are expressed through the lyrics, making the song a source of comfort to its listeners.

15. Zico X G.Soul: “ANTI”

Crowned with G.Soul’s flawless vocals, this dark-themed title track introduces Zico’s monologue as he addresses himself from an anti-fan’s perspective.

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Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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