Soyou Explains Why Her Bikini Photos Were Photoshopped

Soyou appeared on the January 22 episode of Olive TV’s “TALKMON” where she shared a story behind her bikini photo shoot.

The singer explained that when she had lost weight and become fit, she had wanted to do a nude photo shoot so she would be able to keep it for her own collection as a memory of how she looked at that time. “My agency said no because there were concerns about it being leaked,” she said. “Many people think I shot a bikini photo shoot in the past, but I had never done one before. I really wanted to do it once in my life, so I persuaded my agency and shot a bikini pictorial.”

Soyou continued, “I worked out a lot before the shoot, to the point that my face look like I’d aged because I lost so much weight.” She explained that while she had planned to do the photo shoot on her first day in Bali and then spend the rest of her trip eating as she pleased, the weather didn’t work out. She ended up spending three days exercising and controlling her diet as they waited for optimal conditions.

She said, “During the shoot on the third day, there was a pose where I had to arch my back. My ribs were too visible so we decided to photoshop them.”

She explained that the photos did not give off the healthy image she wanted to portray, so they were photoshopped to reduce the appearance of her ribs.

“TALKMON” airs on Mondays at 10:50 p.m. on Olive TV and tvN.

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