Sunmi Candidly Shares Thoughts On The Past Year And Her Music Style

Sunmi recently shot a pictorial for fashion magazine Grazia, where she discussed her music style.

When asked to share the best thing she did this past year, Sunmi answered change. She commented, “I think I was able to get closer to the public because I tried to show more of who I am as a person. Especially for ‘Gashina,’ which captures one’s honest emotions and state, I was able to follow along and felt freer myself.”

Sunmi also remarked that as a musician, she wants to show music that is unconventional but mainstream to the public. She explained, “The music I really like is by older artists like Mr. Big, Animals, Sanulrim, or Toto. I also like songs with an unconventional feel, so I’m always concerned with how to produce the music or concept to make it not as unfamiliar to the general public.” Sunmi revealed that her goal is to create music that people can enjoy with her voice alone, and not just the performance.

The accompanying photos capture Sunmi in various locations around sunny Los Angeles. The rest of Sunmi’s interview and photos can be found in the February issue of Grazia, which will be released on January 20.

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