Jo Jung Suk Reveals When He Feels Generation Gap With Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

Jo Jung Suk recently sat down for an interview to commemorate the conclusion of his latest drama “Two Cops.”

During the interview, he revealed that he sometimes felt a bit of a generation gap with his co-star Girls’ Day’s Hyeri whenever they talked about music in the waiting room.

The actor laughed as he admitted, “While listening to music by singers I liked a long time ago, Hyeri would sometimes ask, ‘What is this song?’ and I would feel a generation gap.”

He then added, “I personally like Lee Moon Sae’s music. I listen to his songs like ‘Old Love’ and ‘Standing Under the Shade of a Tree.’ But when I’m listening to his songs in the dressing room, Hyeri would ask, ‘Whose song is this?’ and I would get a bit surprised.”

Jo Jung Suk might’ve felt a bit of a generation gap with Hyeri, but they certainly had some great chemistry in “Two Cops”! You can check out the last episode of the drama below:

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