Update: Red Velvet Slays In New Teaser Images For “The Perfect Red Velvet”

Updated January 29 KST:

Red Velvet has released more group images after all their individual teasers!

Updated January 28 KST:

Individual teaser images of Seulgi have now been revealed!

Check them out below:

Updated January 28 KST: 

Red Velvet’s Seulgi is the fifth and final member to feature in a character trailer for “The Perfect Red Velvet!”

Check it out below:

Updated January 27 KST:

After releasing their character trailers, Red Velvet has shared individual photo teasers for Irene and Yeri!

Updated January 27 KST:

Irene and Yeri’s character trailers for Red Velvet’s “The Perfect Red Velvet” have now been released!

Check them out below!

Updated January 26 KST:

Red Velvet has released individual teasers for members Joy and Wendy!

Updated January 26 KST:

Red Velvet has released character trailers for members Joy and Wendy as they gear up for their return with “The Perfect Red Velvet”!

Updated January 25 KST:

Red Velvet has revealed a tracklist for their upcoming repackage album, “The Perfect Red Velvet”! The album will include three new tracks—”Bad Boy,” “All Right,” and “Time to Love”—, in addition to the original nine tracks from “Perfect Velvet.”

The group also announced that they will be showing their first performance of their title track “Bad Boy” through Naver V Live on January 29, at 8 p.m. KST.

Updated January 25 KST:

Red Velvet has shared a new poster and an opening title video for their repackage album “The Perfect Red Velvet” and its title track “Bad Boy”!

Original Article: 

Red Velvet has revealed a surprise set of teasers for what may be a new release!

On January 24 at midnight KST, Red Velvet released four teaser images that include the text “The Perfect Red Velvet” and “Bad Boy,” along with the date of January 29.

What are you hoping Red Velvet has in store?