BoA Speaks Candidly About The Public And Industry’s Image Of Her And Her Music

BoA is gearing up for her comeback and showing the behind-the-scenes of her preparations through her reality show “Keyword #BoA.”

On the third episode that aired on January 23, fans were able to watch BoA at a meeting with many staff members including an MV director. SHINee member Key sat at the back of the room and quietly watched BoA lead the conversation with candid thoughts and creative ideas.

The MV director asked the question “Why BoA now?” and spoke about the pros and cons of how well-known BoA is to the public. He mentioned that there was a need to remind people why they should listen to BoA’s music again, and said that it’s meaningless to spend time and money to shoot an MV that people won’t want to watch.

BoA repeated the director’s question and admitted she was curious about how other people outside of SM Entertainment view her. The director answered, “People think you succeeded so quickly and achieved everything. People are so used to you,” and emphasized the need to find a new way to portray BoA’s talents.

The artist agreed with the director and said she also had the same concern. She commented, “I always thought about how to pull out something new from BoA, who isn’t fresh to the public.” She added that there is a need for an objective, outsider’s perspective.

BoA then spoke candidly about some of her frustrations regarding the public and the industry’s stereotypes about her. She stated, “There are dances that make people think that that that is a cool looking dance versus dances that look fun so they want to try it. But our agency always ends with people thinking that dance is cool, especially me.”

She suggested there needs to be one thing like a catchphrase in a song as well as its choreography that can be easily remembered and followed by many people, rather than just being artistic and difficult. The singer compared it to reading a book and how people quickly stop reading a book if it’s too difficult versus a book that is fun to read until the end.

BoA also pointed out how choreographers make complicated and difficult choreography once they hear that it’s for her. She said, “If I ask why the choreography isn’t simple like Girls’ Generation or other girl groups, they say it’s because you can do it. I think we need to break this stereotype starting with our own staff. At some point, I became so distant from the public, so I want to find that myself.” She then named Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor” as something approachable with a mass appeal.

Even after the meeting came to an end, BoA stayed and spoke with the staff. She stressed the need for a “killing part” or catchphrase that is not difficult, and a song and dance that can be easily remembered.

After watching and listening to BoA, Key empathized with her concerns about finding a middle ground between artistic and mass appeal. He also expressed admiration and respect for BoA and said, “It’s well-known that she’s meticulous. She has her own beliefs and has flexibility after working for so long.” After the staff members left, Key interviewed BoA and told her that after watching her in the meeting, the two had many similarities.

“Keyword #BoA” airs weekdays at 11 p.m. on V Live and NaverTV, and Sundays on XtvN. So far, BoA has released a teaser for her comeback with the single “NEGA DOLA.”

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