The 10 Best K-Drama OSTs Of 2017 That We’ll Never Forget

2017 was host to more superb dramas than I think we were prepared for: gripping narratives delivered with expert performances, romance so beautiful we couldn’t look away, and thrillers so intense we couldn’t look! But what would those truly engaging and memorable moments be without their original soundtracks?

Below is a superlative list of the best drama soundtracks from 2017; we’re not suggesting you download these songs immediately then hug a pillow while remembering all the great drama moments we’ve waved goodbye to this year. But if you’re in need of a new alarm clock song, karaoke favorite or just something to study to, we’ve got the OST for you!

Best study playlist — “Fight My Way” OST

01. Dumbhead – Arie Band

02. Good Morning – Kassy

03. Fight for My Way – Heo Chek of SuperKidd With 2morro

04. Ambiguous – BTOB

05. Night Is Gone Again – Ryu Ji Hyun

06. I Miss You – Cha Yeoul

What makes for a great study playlist? Chilled out tracks mixed with exciting, fast-paced, and up-tempo music for writing sprints and aggressively powering through that to-do list? Well, you came to the right place! The “Fight My Way” OST combines relaxing tracks to help keep your cool for fast-approaching deadlines with tracks you can match to your typing speed and finish that paper before the weekend!

Most hated by the single and lonely — “Because This Is My First Life” OST

01. Star Figure – UJi

02. Everyday – Haebin (gugudan)

03. I Want To Love – Melomance

04. Marriage – MoonMoon

05. This Life – Moon Sung Nam

06. Shelter – Song Hee Jin feat. Lee Yo Han

07. Tomorrow – Ryu Ji Hyun

08. Can’t Go – Ben

This soundtrack is uplifting, bright, and just twinkling with romantic duets and soulful ballads! Definitely songs for the newly in love or in a relationship; “Star Figure” by UJi emits that heart fluttering excitement that comes from a first kiss or a smile from your crush. These songs might even prove to cheer you up if you’re single and lonely, but they’re generally songs you might want to avoid.

Best karaoke songs — “While You Were Sleeping” OST

01. When Night Falls – Eddy Kim

02. It’s You – Henry

03. It’d Be Good – Roy Kim

04. I Love You Boy – Suzy

05. Your World – SE O

06. While You Were You Sleeping – Brother Su, SE O

07. Lucid Dream – Monogram

08. Today I Miss You – Davichi

09. Maze – Kim Na Young

10. Come To Me – Lee Jong Suk

11. If – Jung Joon Il

12. I’ll Tell You – Jang Da Bin

13. Would You Know – Lee Jong Suk

14. Words I Want To Hear – Suzy

What’s your go-to karaoke song? If you haven’t got one, what have you been doing with your life? It’s okay, the “While You Were Sleeping” OST has you covered! Bust out any one of these truly stunning ballads, and your co-workers will be none the wiser. You’re a Karaoke ninja!

Most star-studded singer lineup — “Hwarang” OST

01. Anywhere – Han Dong Geun

02. Even If I Die, It’s You – V & Jin (BTS)

03. Dream – Bolbbalgan4

04. I Can Only See You – Wendy & Seulgi (Red Velvet)

05. Become Each Other’s Tears – Hyorin

06. God’s Skill – Yang Yo Seob (Highlight)

07. God’s Skill (Acoustic Ver.) – Kim Ju Na

08. I’ll Be Here – Park Hyung Sik

09. Memorizing a Spell – Jun Woo Sung (Noel)

10. Our Tears – Park Seo Joon

11. Don’t Leave Me Alone – Jung Dong Ha

12. Hwarang Spirit (Opening Title)

13. Cloud Of Love (Main Theme)

14. Bright Waltz [Instrumental]

15. Sad Cliff [Instrumental]

16. Sea Of Crying [Instrumental]

Jin and V from BTS, Wendy and Seulgi from Red Velvet, Hyorin, Park Hyung Sik, Bolbbalgan4! Do you feel your heart racing just listening to that lineup? Then again, what can we expect from a drama as star studded as “Hwarang”?

Most moody — “Goblin” OST

01. Stay With Me – Chanyeol, Punch

02. Stay With Me – Chanyeol, Punch [Instrumental]

03. My Eyes – 10cm

04. Hush – Lasse Lindh

05. Beautiful – Crush

06. Beautiful – Crush [Instrumental]

07. Beautiful [Drama Version]

08. You’re Pretty – Eddy Kim

09. Who Are You – Sam Kim

10. I Miss You – Soyou

11. The First Snow – Jung Joon Il

12. I Will Go To You Like The First Snow – Ailee

13. Wish – Urban Zakapa

14. And I’m Here – Kim Kyung Hee

15. Winter Is Coming – Han Soo Ji

16. Stuck In Love – Kim Kyung Hee

17. Heaven – Roy Kim , Kim EZ (GGot Jam Project)

18. Love – Mamamoo

19. Round and Round (Never Far Away) – Heize (feat. Han Soo Ji)

20. Round and Round (Never Far Away) – Han Soo Ji [Drama Version]

21. Round and Round (Never Far Away) – Heize [Instrumental]

22. I Will Go To You Like The First Snow – Ailee [Live]

Heize’s “Round and Round” made that infamous, often parodied scene from “Goblin” the moodiest, most dramatic scene in dramas this year. Full of emotion, highs and lows, songs for long winter walks when you’ve got a lot on your mind, and songs for those moments when you just have to pull a sword out of your lover’s chest, it’s got it all!

Most heart fluttering — “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” OST

01. You’re My Garden – Jung Eun Ji (Apink)

02. Heartbeat – Suran

03. Wonder – Standing Egg

04. Pit a Pat – Kim Chung Ha

05. Double Trouble Couple – Mamamoo

06. 사랑에 빠진 걸까요 – Vromance

07. Super Power Girl – Every Single Day

08. Because Of You – Park Hyung Sik

This soundtrack has everything you want from a romantic drama OST; every scene between the two leads was sweet and uplifting and these tracks match perfectly. Jung Eun Ji, Suran, Kim Chung Ha, Mamamoo, and more. Suran’s “Heart Beat” especially gives off first love feelings.

Most relaxing — “Suspicious Partner” OST

01. Why You ? – Seenroot

02. How Do I Say It? – O.When

03. The Same Day – Ra.D

04. How About You – CHEEZE

05. Eye Contact – Kim E-Z of Ggotjam Project

06. Breathing All Day – Bumkey

07. I’ve Got A Feeling – Ki Hyun of Monsta X

08. The Memory of That Day – Kim Jong Wan of NELL

09. Silly Love – Yoo Ha Jung

10. 101 Reasons Why I Like You  – Ji Chang Wook

This is a great soundtrack for long train journeys, lounging on the porch or in the garden, drinking tea, or taking a nap during the day. Add “How About You” to your candle bath playlist or hum along to “Silly Love” by Yoo Ha Jung on a country walk when spring finally rolls around.

Best alarm clock songs — “My Shy Boss” OST

01. Is This Love – Hong Dae Kwang

02. Memory – Ben

03. One More Step – Sandeul (B1A4)

04. Isn’t She Lovely – Park Bo Ram

05. Because Of You – Kim EZ

06. You – Ryu Ji Hyun

07. Standstill – Park Si Hwan

08. 01:00 PM – Various Artists

“Because Of You” by Kim EZ and “Is This Love?” by Hong Dae Kwang especially, will gently tug you out of sleep without jolting you awake and irritating you for the rest of the day. Stretch out those tense muscles, take a breath of fresh morning air, and squint into the sun that’s filling your room. It’s a new day, and these tracks are just right to accompany you through the best day!

Most rapped soundtrack — “Man To Man” OST

01. Take Your Hand – VIXX

02. Destiny – Part Bo Ram & Basick

03. The Reasons – Huh Gak

04. Full of Wonders – Vromance

05. Open Your Mind – Mamamoo

06. Temperature of Tears  – Soul Latido

Korean music is no stranger to the featured rap artist, but pretty much every song on this soundtrack has a rapped section, even “Open Your Mind” by Mamamoo, which starts out as this romantic ballad and then bam! It’s a rap. Not that I’m complaining, because these songs perfectly fit the cool, charismatic style of the drama and its protagonist.

Biggest tear-jerker — “My Wife Is Having An Affair This Week” OST

01. If We Listen To Love – Park Won

02. Mistake – Park Won

03. Mr. Trouble – 2BiC

04. That Kind of Night – Urban Zakapa

05. I Love You – Dalchong

With exception to “Mr. Trouble” by 2BiC, which, by the way, is a great song to cheer you up after all the crying, this soundtrack is a total tear-jerker. Maybe it’s because we know the plot of the drama and the emotional struggle of the male lead, or maybe it’s the emotive lyrics or the depth of the artists’ performances of the songs. Whatever the reason, this OST is bound to leave you reaching for the tissues.

So that’s it folks, what did you think? Have you made a playlist including them all already? Let us know in the comments what songs from dramas in 2017 got you dancing!

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MizWest is an English Teaching Assistant with way too much time on her hands. When she’s not watching dramas or shaking it to K-pop, she’s studying everything Korean culture with a view to move out there some day soon!

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