Go Hyun Jung And Yoon Jong Hoon Have A Mysterious Face-Off In “Return”

It looks like a tense situation will break out between the lawyer and one of her suspects!

The new SBS drama “Return” premiered last week, starring Go Hyun Jung as a lawyer from a poor background and her own secrets to hide, Lee Jin Wook as a rough-around-the-edges police detective, and Shin Sung Rok, Bong Tae Kyu, Park Ki Woong, and Yoon Jong Hoon as the four wealthy suspects.

Go Hyun Jung showed no mercy while interrogating these suspects in last week’s episode, with Yoon Jong Hoon’s character emerging as a strongly suspicious candidate to the audience due to his drug abuse.

In stills released ahead of the January 24 episode, Go Hyun Jung and Yoon Jong Hoon face off at the hospital where Yoon Jong Hoon works (his family owns the hospital). Although Go Hyun Jung looks at her ease, in total control of the situation, Yoon Jong Hoon looks both apprehensive and suspicious.

The scene was filmed on December 10 at a hospital in Gyunggi-do and both actors arrived early to rehearse the script, as the scene was a dialogue-heavy one. The scene was filmed from multiple angles to ensure maximum tension, so the actors had to know their lines by heart.

The production staff said, “Go Hyun Jung suspects Park Ki Woong killed Han Eun Jung, but of the ‘Evil Avengers,’ she has met with Yoon Jong Hoon after Shin Sung Rok. There will be an important reason for this. To see whether Go Hyun Jung will discover any truth about the murder, please look forward to tonight’s episode.”

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