3 Types Of Lines That Cha Seung Won Delivers To Show The Many Sides Of His “Hwayugi” Character

Cha Seung Won knows how to deliver a line, whether it’s charismatic or comic, and the types of lines he delivers always shows the best side of his character Woo Ma Wang in “Hwayugi.”

Some of Woo Ma Wang’s best lines are heard when responding to Son Oh Gong’s (Lee Seung Gi) taunts and teasing, acting as a judge for his day job as an entertainment CEO, and when expressing his longing for his love Princess Iron Fan (Kim Ji Soo).

Dealing with the mischievous Son Oh Gong

Some of his best lines in this situation include:

  • “You won’t be able to stop yourself from going. If you’re the person who could never leave her afraid, lonely, or suffering, then you won’t leave her sad either.” (Episode 4, when Son Oh Gong claimed that he wouldn’t go and rescue Sam Jang [Oh Yeon Seo])
  • Ta tong, yeo tong. If she hurts, you hurt too.” (Episode 4, when Son Oh Gong claimed Sam Jang’s tears didn’t hurt him)
  • “You’re like a baby shaking a rattle.” (Episode 4, when Son Oh Gong tries to bring down Woo Ma Wang’s building after learning about his contract with Sam Jang)
  • “If I don’t endure it, then the person you love will disappear. It makes you feel like you want to die, right?” (Episode 6, when Son Oh Gong asks scornfully if he can’t endure a little side effect)
  • “It was like a brush of fate, and today is the proper reunion. Today’s drama’s script was mine, the direction was mine, the lead role Jin Sun Mi, and Jonathan, and YOU!” (Episode 7, telling Son Oh Gong that Sam Jang and Jonathan’s meeting was all part of his plan)

Judging survival programs as an entertainment CEO

Some of his performances in this role have bordered on the crazy, edging the line between a fake cult leader and a reality show judge.

  • “Now only my choice can save you. You, are you desperate?” (Episode 1 during the audition program)
  • “You!! You!! You!! Yes, I will save you, chance! You all pa~~ssed!” (Episode 2 during the audition program)
  • “Hm, there were so many contestants who’ve passed through my life, I don’t remember you.” (Episode 2, to Sam Jang who asks him for help while he’s recording the audition program)

Loving Princess Iron Fan

  • “In this life, where and how are you living?” (Episode 3, looking at a picture of Princess Iron Fan)
  • “I have to become a shin sun [being of great power]. If I can only do that, I can participate in the life-and-death cycle and destinies of humans. If I can only do that… I can rescue her.” (Episode 4)
  • “Everyone calls her Princess Iron Fan, but she is really a shin sun named Ja Eun.” (Episode 5)

The production staff stated, “Cha Seung Won’s charisma and his ability to turn the situation comic in an instant makes audiences laugh and cry and get goosebumps. He’s an unpredictable actor. Please look forward to what kind of colors Woo Ma Wang, Son Oh Gong, and Sam Jang will bring out with their acting in the future.”

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