3 Reasons “A Seven-Faced Man” Is Irresistible To Drama Lovers


This is the word I repeatedly thought to myself while watching “A Seven-Faced Man.” From the eerie opening sequence of the very first episode, this drama dares to delve into the dark and twisted depths of the human psyche.

Not only did “A Seven-Faced Man” keep me on my toes, it is also packed full of all the feels you could ever hope for in a drama…and then some.

Below are three reasons this drama is truly excellent — and why I would recommend it to anyone!

Zhang Yi Shan’s versatility

I find it remarkably impressive when an actor or actress is able to portray a wide variety of characters throughout his or her career. This was one reason I was drawn to “A Seven-Faced Man,” where the lead actor needs to be able to depict not one or two, but seven completely separate personalities.

And I must say that Zhang Yi Shan absolutely blew me away.

Not only does he remain consistent to each personality’s distinct idiosyncrasies, but he is also 100 percent convincing for each one. Through his vocal inflections, mannerisms, and even the look in his eyes, he gives each personality a life of its own.

Can we just appreciate for a moment how pretty Zhang Yi Shan is as a girl? I mean, look at those lashes!

Shen Yi Zhen, our main character and male lead, is kindhearted and gentle. But certain traumatic events from his mysterious past cloud his everyday life. Suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, Shen Yi Zhen’s body and mind host six other personalities.

Among these personalities is the erratic, fun-loving Zhu Chang Jiang,

musically genius, suicidal Mo Xiao Jun,

shopaholic, mischievous Mo Xiao Na,

and violent, angry Cui Hao Yue.

Zhang Yi Shan’s compelling performance is reason alone to watch “A Seven-Faced Man,” but in case you aren’t sold quite yet, I have a couple more for you.

Lead couple’s chemistry

Bai Xin Xin (Elvira Cai) is spunky, quirky, and eternally optimistic. She is a first-year medical intern at a psychiatric hospital, and is hired by Shen Yi Zhen to become his personal doctor 24/7.

Although she has a carefree exterior, Bai Xin Xin harbors secrets as deep and dark as Shen Yi Zhen’s. As the two of them grow from friends to romantic interests, the viewer is able to glimpse the darkness lurking ominously beneath the surface of their lives.

From the funny and adorable,

to the brutally painful,

these two stick it out together. You’ll find yourself rooting for this team with all your might, especially when outside forces try to tear them apart.

And although they are not our “lead couple,” per se, I thought that the chemistry between Bai Xin Xin and Cui Hao Yue (Shen Yi Zhen’s violent and aggressive persona) was beautiful and fascinating. Cui Hao Yue is deeply hurt and angry at the world, yet he cares so purely and innocently for Xin Xin. Why does she have this special hold on this hotheaded young man’s heart?

You’ll have to watch to find out!

Perfect blend of humor and heartbreak

One thing I was not initially expecting to do while watching “A Seven-Faced Man” was laugh. Yet laugh I did. Out loud, too.

I was eagerly anticipating the melodrama, which is what I personally live for. (And boy, does this drama deliver on that!) But amidst the revenge, family secrets, corruption, betrayal, and general darkness, it was truly relieving to have the comedy thrown in when it was. Which, by the way, was tactfully done — being present, but not obnoxious.

And pleasantly, the moments that are supposed to be funny, genuinely are.

Click below to watch episode 1!

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