Not Your Average Office Drama: 5 Reasons That Make “Jugglers” A Worthwhile Watch

The hit KBS2 drama “Jugglers,” starring Baek Jin Hee and Choi Daniel, came as a delightful surprise to K-drama viewers. Although it seemed like it would just be another typical K-drama office romance, Baek Jin Hee and Choi Daniel managed to take on this cliché trope and turn it into a K-drama that was worth tuning into every week. The success of the drama was proven in the continued growing number of viewers.

If you haven’t watched “Jugglers” yet, here are five reasons why you should watch it!

The solid cast

All these veteran actors in one drama – we really can’t go wrong!

Choi Daniel

Choi Daniel plays the cold and disconnected director of a video department in a big company who goes by the name of Nam Chi Won. Although Nam Chi Won is a character we’ve all seen a hundred times over, the fact that Choi Daniel is playing it, makes it all the more worthwhile. If you don’t mind seeing this in 16 episodes, then this reason alone should get you to watch it:

What makes Choi Daniel’s role so intriguing is the fact that his character, Nam Chi Won has a lot of baggage. It is revealed early on in the series that his family was killed in a car accident and that he is the only survivor. This has carried on throughout his life, which is why he creates a world for himself where he doesn’t get close to people. It’s worthwhile to see how his character unfolds and and how he progressively opens up to people around him.

Baek Jin Hee

There’s something about Baek Jin Hee that really draws us into her characters. Her ability to take on such versatile roles are also what makes her so delightful to watch. Although the previews to this drama showed a bit of what her character Jwa Yoon Yi would be like, I really had no idea that she would be this adorable. She comes off as being dainty and sensitive, but she also has a tough side that can roll with the punches when life gets tough.

Baek Jin Hee’s character is so endearing; she plays an assistant who takes pride in what she does, even though she has to follow the orders of her boss and constantly run around doing errands for him. She’s got an infectiously sweet personality and always tries to remain positive. Such a lovable character!

Kang Hye Jung

One cast member who was really the highlight for me was Kang Hye Jung and her role as the innocent, frail, and naive assistant Wang Jung Ae. If you know Kang Hye Jung in real life, you know that she’s tough-as-nails and super strong, which is what made this particular role that much more impressive to watch. Her emotional breakdowns and vulnerability in bringing her character to life was a true testament to her experience as an actress. It’s also been five years since her last K-drama role, which makes this one all the more significant and worth watching!

The comedy

With all the serious crime and court K-dramas that came out this past year, it was nice to have a light rom-com to indulge in. Baek Jin Hee, Choi Daniel, and the rest of the cast members all add such funny aspects to the drama. It’ll really have you laughing continuously throughout. I was surprised at how funny Choi Daniel is when he’s acting drunk and child-like, especially when his character is so upright and responsible.

The adorably funny moments:

The sweet and sexy romance

The relationship between Nam Chi Won and his assistant, Jwa Yoon Yi, is on fire. There is so much sexiness about this relationship, and it is perfectly balanced with a sweet romance.

There are the unbelievably romantic scenes:

And the steamy scenes:

The relatable characters

There’s something in each of the characters that is relatable. Whether it’s Yoo Yi’s drive and determination to be the best at her job as an assistant, Nam Chi Won’s difficulty in breaking down the walls that he made for himself after going through traumatic childhood events, or even the lazy and child-like Hwangbo Yool who really just misses his mother, these characters are ones that many people can relate to.

There are moments throughout the whole series that will really have you thinking, “that’s totally me.”

The cameos

There are several solid cameos throughout the series that will keep you on your toes. These cameos were especially special because they’re all well-known actors and actresses. Who doesn’t love a good cameo?

In episode 1, Sung Hoon plays Yoon Yi’s ex-boyfriend, who is pretty much every thing you could ask for. They break up as a result of Yoon Yi’s boss continuously calling her and interrupting her dates. It just wasn’t meant to be.

In episode 4, Choi Yeo Jin appears as the CEO’s secretary and the leader of the assistants. She is strict, strong, and expects all the assistants to perform flawlessly for their bosses.

And Yoo Ji Tae in episode 9:

In episode 9, Yoo Ji Tae makes an awesome cameo as Choi Kang Woo, which is the same character he played in last year’s drama, “Mad Dog.” He confronts Kang Hye Jung’s character, telling her that they are opening an investigation on her husband for fraud. Yoo Ji Tae had agreed to this cameo as he knows the PD well and had also acted with Kang Hye Jung previously in the movie, “Old Boy.”

Catch the first episode of “Jugglers”:

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