Cube Entertainment Threatens Malicious Commenters With Legal Action

Cube Entertainment has warned that it plans to take legal action against the defamation of its artists.

On January 25, the agency released an official statement on Twitter, declaring that it was fully prepared to take legal action if necessary.

It wrote: “Hello, this is Cube Entertainment. First, we want to thank all the fans who give the Cube Entertainment artists so much love.

“There has recently been an increase in cases of defamation of our agency’s artists on online, offline, and mobile platforms through the spreading of false information. Therefore, in order to protect our artists, we collected evidence by gathering data and reports, and we have currently finished reviewing potential legal responses.

“Writing malicious comments about a specific artist, inventing false rumors to defame an artist’s character, sexual harassment, and infringement of an artist’s portrait rights are undeniably criminal behavior. Such actions cause psychological harm to not only the artist involved, but also to the artist’s friends and family, the agency, and even the fans who love and care about the artist.

“Accordingly, Cube Entertainment urges that people refrain from spreading false rumors about its artists, as well as sexual harassment, writing malicious comments, violating portrait rights, etc.

“If cases such as those listed above should continue to arise in the future, we will be taking legal action without negotiation in order to protect our artists.”

Cube went on to ask that fans report any witnessed instances of such activity, writing, “As we intend to continue to collect information and aggressively monitor the situation from many different angles, if you discover groundless rumors defaming our artists, malicious comments, sexual harassment, or infringement of portrait rights, we request that you make a report to [].”

The agency concluded, “We are always thankful for the love and interest given to Cube Entertainment and its artists, and we ask that you continue to offer your support and encouragement in the future. Thank you.”