Oh My Girl Opens Up About 1st Music Show Win, Love For Fans, And Success Of “Secret Garden”

Girl group Oh My Girl had their first-ever music show win on January 23 on SBS MTV’s “The Show,” 1009 days after they made their debut on April 21, 2015. It was soon followed by their second win on MBC Music’s “Show! Champion” on January 24 as well. The members shed burst into tears on stage as they celebrate the momentous occasion.

Talking about their win, Oh My Girl said, “We’ve always done our best at every moment since our debut, and we’ve grown with every album we released. We’re so happy and grateful for our first music show win. We plan to continue to create great music for our fans.”

Looking back on the unforgettable moment of their first win, Seunghee said, “The moment our names were called, I took one look at the members next to me and our fans in front of us and the tears just fell. I thought a lot about my family and the tears wouldn’t stop so I was still crying by the time we got to our waiting room. Mimi also said, “At first, I didn’t cry because I couldn’t believe it. I felt like everything had stopped. It was only after I calmed down a little that I saw our fans in front of us and they were crying with such happy expressions on their faces. Seeing that made me burst into tears. We are so grateful to have our Miracles. We love you!”

When asked whether they’ve ever felt impatient about how long it took to get their first win, Hyojung stated, “Just being able to stand on stage is something we’re grateful for and something we’ve dreamed of, so we never felt impatient. We just focused on doing our best to grow with every new album, and we have learned so much throughout these years.”

Their latest title track “Secret Garden” has been doing well on the charts, and Jiho shared why she believes the song has been well-received. She explained, “I think that because it’s a hopeful song, people hear it and feel like they’re being cheered on by us. Also, many people have told us that the lyrics sound like they were written about Oh My Girl’s story. It feels like, just like the lyrics of the song, our dreams are coming true one by one.”

Finally, the members concluded by sharing what they would like to do to celebrate their first win. Hyojung said, “If we get the opportunity, I’d like for us to hold a performance at an amusement park, which is something we talked about during our comeback showcase. We’re going to keep working hard, so please watch over us.”

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