Kang Hye Jung Shares How Supportive Tablo And Haru Were For Her Drama “Jugglers”

Kang Hye Jung recently sat down for an interview after the end of her latest drama, KBS 2TV’s “Jugglers,” to talk about how her family has been supportive of her return to acting.

This was the actress’s first project in a while. What gave her as much strength as all of the energy on set was her family. She said, “My family really enjoyed ‘Jugglers.’ It was a drama we could all watch together as it was a drama that even Haru, who is nine years old, could understand. We all waited for Monday to come every week.”

Kang Hye Jung also shared that Haru would visit the set of “Jugglers” to cheer her mom on, as she added, “When Haru came, she would watch all the scenes being shot and monitored. And then we’d go home and I’d tell her, ‘On Monday, everything you saw today will show up on TV,’ and that would amaze her. When Monday came, she’d get excited to see the scenes she’d seen before and she’d run to her dad to tell him all about it. I’m happy that I was able to create a happy memory for her. And I think we were able to widen the spectrum of potential career paths for her as well.”

Though Kang Hye Jung has worked on various projects while raising Haru, this is the first time that she’s worked on such a long-term project. When asked if it was difficult to balance work and family, she explained that her husband, Epik High’s Tablo, had been a great source of help and support. The actress explained, “Tablo took over looking after Haru. Haru’s grandmother helped as well, but he took on all of the responsibilities that I usually have, and it must have been hard for him. But not only did he do it, he did it very well.”

Finally, Kang Hye Jung was asked what her goals are as actress Kang Hye Jung, not Haru’s mom or Tablo’s wife. She replied, “I’ve come to realize that nothing comes easy in life. So I try to see things in the long-term. What I want most is to keep acting as I get older. I want to keep expanding my acting spectrum, and meet lots of great actors in great projects.”

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