Kim Woo Bin’s Agency Addresses Reports Of His Exemption From Military Service Due To His Health

Kim Woo Bin has been deemed unable to carry out military service due to his health.

On January 26, his agency sidusHQ released a statement regarding the actor after earlier reports had said he is to be exempted from his mandatory military service.

They explained, “After Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer last May, he received his military enlistment draft notice from the Military Manpower Administration not long after he finished his chemotherapy treatments. He went in for another physical examination, and was judged as Grade 6, unable to enlist.” There are seven grades in total, and a Grade 6 indicates that the examinee is to be exempted from military service because of a disease, or mental and/or physical incompetence.

His agency added, “Kim Woo Bin has currently completed treatments and is working hard towards his recovery while going in for regular follow-up examinations. We ask for lots of encouragement and support so that he may able to return in good health.”

The actor personally gave an update on his health a few weeks ago as well, thanking fans for their support.

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