Watch: BTS Tours LA And Rocks Out In Their First Party Bus Ride Ever

Vogue Magazine has released new footage of BTS having a blast as they ride their first-ever party bus through LA!

The new clip shows the boys of BTS behind the scenes of their recent photo shoot for the American magazine. Amidst a jam-packed schedule, the members found time between their historic 2017 American Music Awards performance and their guest appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to take a short trip through the City of Angels.

BTS had apparently never heard of a party bus before—upon boarding the bus, Jin asked, “This is the kind of place where you have a party?” The group was reportedly stunned to hear that party buses allowed their riders to continue the party as they traveled from club to club.

However, it didn’t take long for them to get used to the idea. The boys were soon taking swigs from bottles of Coke and dancing to their favorite bops as the bus took them to an arcade nearby.

After wrapping up the shoot at the arcade, the BTS members made a quick stop at the Staples Center, where they staged an impromptu performance of their hit “DNA” in front of the famous concert venue.

Other highlights from the video include the idols being excited to learn a new English slang word (“lituation”) and J-Hope pausing to take a selfie when the other members thought he was putting on a new song.

Check out the full clip below!

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