iKON Responds To Being Called “The Next BIGBANG,” Says They Want To Find Their Own Unique Color

In a recent interview, iKON shared their thoughts on being frequently called “the next BIGBANG.”

After the successful release of their second full-length album “Return,” featuring the title track “Love Scenario,” iKON opened up about the direction they’d like to take in the future.

Although the group is often compared to their YG labelmate BIGBANG, the iKON members reported that they were more interested in finding their own style than following in another group’s footsteps.

Chanwoo explained, “We, along with the WINNER hyungs, often hear that we need to become a group that continues the BIGBANG hyungs‘ legacy. However, we and [Yang Hyun Suk] both feel that rather than become a group that continues BIGBANG’s legacy, we should search for iKON’s own color.”

“We’re currently trying hard to find iKON’s [distinctive] color,” he continued. “I don’t think we could dare to follow the BIGBANG hyungs.

Donghyuk added, “The BIGBANG hyungs all have very unique individual characteristics. We [also] want to find our own unique color.”

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