Yang Hyun Suk Shares Update About BLACKPINK’s Comeback

Yang Hyun Suk has provided an update regarding BLACKPINK’s next album and comeback.

The YG head responds to a fan’s comment that asks “BLACKPINK will also be releasing new music right right? I am really anticipating it T T.” He answers her question through a post on his Instagram account.

His answer is as below:

“Really really. Day by day.. I am doing my best. Even yesterday I was at the recording room until dawn;; I also think that BLACKPINK only releasing one song last year doesn’t make any sense.

“That’s why there’s a delay because we are working on a mini album rather than a single.

“Recording needs to finish first in order to work on post production and be able to predict a release date, but we are still recording.

“I am an individual who wants to hear YG’s only girl group BLACKPINK’s music as soon as possible.

“Please wait a little bit longer. I will share good news.”

Are you excited for BLACKPINK’s comeback?