BoA Talks About Her Close Relationship With SHINee’s Key

BoA recently talked about becoming closer to SHINee’s Key after filming “Keyword #BoA” with him.

“Keyword #BoA” is BoA’s first reality show, where she shows the process of her album preparation and shares her honest thoughts about music and life. Key, who is known to be her big fan, appears on the show with her.

BoA said, “I was surprised by Key. He was more manly than I thought he would be, and he has leadership skills as well. He seemed so manly that sometimes I think that I’m relying on him.”

She added, “The filming for the reality show is almost over, and Kibum [Key’s real name] and I keep in close touch like we’re siblings. I don’t have a younger sibling, so it feels like I gained a reliable younger brother. Kibum is also an only child, so he gained a big sister as well.”

“Keyword #Boa” airs weekdays on V Live and NaverTV at 11 a.m. KST and on Sundays on XtvN at 11 p.m. KST.

BoA is currently preparing to make a comeback, and she released teasers for her upcoming track “NEGA DOLA.”

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