Actress Jung Ga Eun Files For Divorce

Jung Ga Eun has announced her divorce after two years of marriage.

The actress married a non-celebrity in 2016 and gave birth to a daughter the same year. Her agency Double V confirmed her divorce in an official statement on January 26, saying, “Jung Ga Eun, who got married in January 2016, ended her marriage and decided to part ways [with her husband] after an amicable agreement.

“The legal process has already been completed during their time of deliberation, and Jung Ga Eun will be taking custody of their daughter.

“They wanted to keep their relationship as a couple, but they were unable to overcome various obstacles and came to this difficult decision. The two have decided to go their separate ways, but they will support each other on their own paths.

“We sincerely express our apologies to everyone. As this was a decision made after a long period of several deliberations and conversations, we ask for everyone’s understanding.

“Jung Ga Eun is planning to continue her broadcast activities through various programs. She will try her best to show a better side.

“Once again, we sincerely apologize for delivering this unfortunate news to you all.”

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