iKON Shares Their Thoughts On B.I As A Composer

In a newly released interview, the members of iKON opened up about what it’s like to work with B.I on music.

Junhoe commented, “[B.I] is the stereotypical perfectionist,” with Jinhwan agreeing, “He’s a perfectionist and extremely meticulous.”

“He’s always either at the dorm or in the studio,” remarked Bobby. “It made me think that B.I is really admirable.”

The iKON members also mentioned that B.I’s personality was entirely different when he wasn’t working on music. Chanwoo explained, “Most of the time, he seems so pure that he almost appears dopey.” Yunhyeong chimed in, “He turns into a completely different person when he works.”

B.I also opened up about the process behind his songwriting. He admitted, “Because I don’t have much experience, I typically draw a lot of my inspiration from movies or dramas. I’m also the type to draw inspiration from things like poetry.”

He explained, “It’s my way of making up for things that I can’t experience or feel for myself.”

“Aside from that, the reason that I compose and make music is simply because it’s fun,” the iKON leader continued. “My hobby doesn’t feel like work just yet.”

Donghyuk also specifically talked about B.I’s contributions to their latest album, which was released earlier this week.

“He usually writes music late at night,” said Donghyuk. “You can tell just from listening to his lyrics or his songs how much sincerity he poured into them and what he wanted to say. I think this album and its songs allow the listener to feel what he put into them.”

B.I recalled, “Because I’ve been composing both music and lyrics for all our songs for a while now, I kept thinking that my composing and writing skills need to improve and mature. So I kept working without resting, and as I continued to work without resting, I somehow ended up completing the album.”

He added, “I’d like to think that the quality of this album is a significant improvement on our previous albums.”

iKON’s second full-length album, “Return,” topped iTunes Charts worldwide shortly after its release, while the group’s title track “Love Scenario” swept various realtime charts in Korea. In addition to performing their new songs on music shows, the group is scheduled to appear on a number of variety shows, including “Weekly Idol,” “Sugar Man 2,” and “All Broadcasts of the World.”

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