12 Celebs Who Bought Their Parents Houses

The road to stardom is not an easy path. Once they finally make it big, many celebrities use their earnings to express their gratitude for their parents’ love and support.

Here are 12 celebrities who gifted their parents with houses after achieving stardom:

1. Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

After skyrocketing to fame with her role in “Reply 1988,” Hyeri immediately bought her parents a new apartment twice the size of their old one.

2. Suzy

In addition to buying her parents a house in her hometown of Gwangju, Suzy also fulfilled their lifelong dream of owning a cafe.

3. Lee Hyori

Not only did Lee Hyori buy her parents a luxurious apartment, she also purchased a building as a gift for her aunt.

4. Won Bin

After making it big as an actor, Won Bin had a unique two-story house built especially for his parents. The house went on to win an architecture award in 2008 and is now a popular tourist attraction.

5. Park Shin Hye

Starting from her days as a child actress, Park Shin Hye saved up for 10 years in order to buy her parents their own restaurant.

6. Namgoong Min

Despite being an A-list star with a storied career, Namgoong Min still rents his home. The actor put his family first—after using his earnings to buy his parents a house, the actor went on to buy a house for his married younger brother as well.

7. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

In 2012, Taeyeon bought her parents an apartment in the most expensive residential complex in Jeonju.

8. iKON’s Bobby

After winning “Show Me the Money 3,” Bobby used his prize money from the show to buy his parents a home in Korea and bring them back from the United States.

9. Jo Jung Suk

Jo Jung Suk, whose childhood dream was to become successful and take good care of his parents, saved up to buy an apartment for him and his mother to live in.

10. Soo Ae

When she started out as a rookie actress, Soo Ae hoped to be able to make enough money to lease a home for her parents. However, she ended up becoming one of Korea’s top actresses and was able to buy her parents a house instead.

11. Minzy

The former 2NE1 member gifted her parents with a house when she was only 19.

12. SHINee’s Taemin

Taemin purchased a home in the Cheongdam neighborhood of Seoul for his parents. Notably, fellow SHINee member Onew also gave his parents all of his earnings.

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