Stars Who Donated Fan Gifts To A Good Cause

Celebrities typically receive a flood of gifts from adoring fans, ranging from stuffed animals and sweets to designer fashion items and electronics. More recently, fans have also begun gifting stars with lunchboxes and food trucks sent to their filming sets.

A few idols notably chose to donate some of the gifts that they received from their fans to children in need. In 2015, Suzy made the decision to send a part of her stuffed animal collection to an orphanage for Children’s Day.

The former miss A member wrote on Instagram, “Though it’s not much, I plan to give these cute stuffed toys that I had at home to the children at an orphanage to celebrate Children’s Day. Because they’re presents that I received from my fans, I’m sorry to my fans, but since they’re being used for a good cause and will be going to a place where they are more needed, I have faith that my fans will be understanding!! Thank you.”

In 2016, Sandara Park was inspired to donate her stuffed animals after visiting a children’s hospital. The former 2NE1 member wrote on Instagram, “I went to the PURME Nexon Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital yesterday and met the cute children there. I was thinking to myself that I hoped the children would be happy and become healthier as they received their medical care, when it suddenly occurred to me that I have a lot of stuffed animals at home because my fans gave me so many gifts!!!

“So I decided that even though they’re precious gifts given to me by my fans, since I’m all grown up now and can live just fine without toys, it’d be good for me to pass them on to children who will like the toys even better than I do.”

She concluded, “I’m sure that Blackjacks’ love will be transmitted to the children [through the toys]. I am always so grateful.”

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어제 푸르메재단 어린이재활병원에 가서 귀여운 아가들을 만났어요. 아이들이 씩씩하게 치료받으면서 즐겁고 건강해졌어면 좋겠다고 생각하다가 갑자기 팬분들이 인형 선물을 굉장히 많이 해주셔서 집에 인형이 많다는게 떠올랐어요!!! 그래서 팬분들이 주신 소중한 선물이지만 나는 이제 다커서 인형없이도 잘지낼수있으니 나보다 인형을 더 좋아할 어린이들에게 물려주면 좋겠다라고 생각을 했어요. 그래서 내가 가지고있는 삐약이인형들을 아이들과 나누려고합니다. 블랙잭들의 사랑이 아이들에게도 전해질거에요~ 항상 너무 고마워요 ^.^ Im too big to have these now that i would like to pass these stuffed toys to children who would love playing with these. Thank you Blackjacks for your thoughtful contribution. ???????

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Park Gyuri also decided to donate some of her stuffed animals to children during a volunteer trip to the Philippines. The former KARA member wrote on Twitter, “Although it isn’t much, I brought a few of the precious toys that I received as gifts to give to the children I’ll be meeting through my volunteer work in the Philippines. I wasn’t able to receive permission in advance, but I hope you’ll be understanding as you think of the children that will be happy to receive them. I’m always thankful [to you]!”

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