Update: APRIL Drops MV Teaser For Jinsol And Naeun’s Special Unit Release

Updated February 5 KST:

APRIL has released a music video teaser for members Jinsol and Naeun’s upcoming special unit album!

Updated February 1 KST:

APRIL has shared new teaser photos for their special unit album, featuring Naeun and Jinsol!

The teaser images were released with the text “My Story — Jinsol’s Story,” “My Story — Naeun’s Story,” and “My Story — Naeun x Jinsol.” It appears that another teaser is due out on February 2 at midnight KST.

APRIL’s new special unit album will be released on February 7.

Updated January 31 KST:

APRIL has released spoiler images for an upcoming special unit album!

Original Article:

APRIL has something planned for February!

On January 30 at midnight KST, APRIL released a “Coming Soon Teaser” for what may be a comeback by the girl group. The teaser image features a book with the text “My Secret,” and underneath it reads, “The secret will be revealed on February 7, 2018.”

APRIL most recently made a comeback last September with their mini album “Eternity,” featuring the title track “Take My Hand.

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