Watch: Lee Seung Gi, Oh Yeon Seo, And Cha Seung Won Are Adorably Awkward In “Hwayugi” Compliment Relay

In a new exclusive interview, the stars of “Hwayugi” showcase their off-screen chemistry as they talk about what it’s like to work each other!

Cha Seung Won starts off the compliment relay by praising Lee Seung Gi, but when he struggles to find the right words, Lee Seung Gi jokes, “It’s not because you don’t like me, right?” Fortunately, Cha Seung Won eventually manages to successfully convey his thoughts.

Lee Seung Gi then goes on to praise Oh Yeon Seo, comparing her favorably to the other actresses he’s worked with.

To find out what the stars had to say about each other, watch the full compliment relay below!

The three actors also talk about “Hwayugi” in the exclusive interview below:

And if you haven’t started watching the drama yet, you can check out the first episode here!