Lee Hong Ki Thanks Close Friend Park Shin Hye For Surprise Food Truck On Set Of “Hwayugi”

Park Shin Hye has surprised FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki with a special gift!

On January 30, Lee Hong Ki shared a video of samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) that Park Shin Hye sent for the cast and crew of “Hwayugi.”

He wrote, “Ah….I am so touched…This is what it feels like…. Thank you so much, Shin Hye!!!!!I will enjoy the food and do well with filming!!!!!!!!” He included the hashtags, “Hwayugi,” “food truck,” “Park Shin Hye,” “loyalty,” and “amazing.”

The banner she sent features a photo of the two and the message, “HongP.K~ Eat a lot, eat it twice, oink oink. ‘Hwayugi’ team, enjoy the warm food and film safely. From actress Park Shin Hye.”

In the clip, Lee Hong Ki says, “I was very touched by this surprise from Park Shin Hye. Thank you so much. I will work hard on filming. Thank you.”