iKON Talks About What Yang Hyun Suk Is Really Like + Who Their Most Popular Member Is In Japan

In a recent pictorial and interview for @star1 Magazine, iKON talked about their time in Japan and what they thought of Yang Hyun Suk’s image on “MIXNINE”!

iKON, who recently released their first full-length album in over two years, reaffirmed their promise to their fans that they would focus on domestic promotions in 2018.

Donghyuk remarked, “We know all too well how long our fans have been waiting. So I hope that this album becomes the successful starting point for iKON’s 2018 promotions.”

Chanwoo agreed, “When we see fans expressing their sadness that they don’t often get to see us on TV shows or performing on stage, we feel unhappy and regretful. I want us to meet our fans often this year, so that we can get rid of that sadness entirely.”

The idols, who spent most of last year promoting in Japan, also talked about how they spent their spare time there.

Yunhyeong revealed, “Within our members, we have a gourmand group and a homebody group. Whenever we have a spare moment, the gourmand group spends its time searching for places to eat delicious food, and the homebody group typically spends its time relaxing alone in the hotel. Bobby and B.I are usually in the homebody group.”

Junhoe added, “Personally, I wandered around while listening to music. It felt as though I were on vacation, which was nice. Also, since we’re all legally adults, we occasionally have a glass of beer together and talk a lot.”

Chanwoo also named Junhoe and Jinhwan as the most popular members in Japan. “They’re both good at Japanese,” he explained. “I think they’re able to communicate well with our Japanese fans.”

When asked whether they thought YG Entertainment head Yang Hyun Suk acted on JTBC’s “MIXNINE” the way he did in real life, Junhoe replied, “I think he’s begun smiling a lot more. He became a lot more cheerful.”

Yunhyeong commented, “He used to have a scary image, but nowadays, he seems like a father figure. I saw him recently, and I felt something inside that almost made me tear up.”

B.I jokingly interjected, “That’s because you’re nice and cry easily, hyung.”

However, he went on to add, “It’s not just on ‘MIXNINE.’ [Yang Hyun Suk] really does smile more these days. He’s the same as he is on the show.”

Later in the interview, Chanwoo selected B.I as the member that he would most want to set up with his younger sister. “B.I may seem as though he’s only very smart and clever, but he’s also a very pure person once you get to know him,” he said. “If I had a younger sister, I’d want to set her up with someone this pure.”

He then went on to share that Yunhyeong was the best cook of the group. “Yunhyeong is actually good at cooking,” reported Chanwoo. “He often cooks for us, and his food is really tasty.”

Yunhyeong humbly denied that he was a talented chef, but he did express an interest in appearing on a food-related variety program. “It’s not so much because I’m good at cooking, but because I have a really honest personality,” he explained. “I’m bad at lying. So if something tastes bad, I’ll say so.”

He jokingly added, “I’d like to recommend a survival variety program like SBS’s ‘Law of the Jungle‘ to Junhoe and Jinhwan. It’s because I want them to go through that kind of difficult experience.”

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