14 Styling Tips And Tricks From Sunmi's Eclectic Looks

With the success of her chart-topping releases “Gashina” and “Heroine,” Sunmi is unstoppable as ever. Everyone can see that she brings her A-game to everything, from her music to her style. As seen in her MVs, live performances, red carpet appearances, down to her off-duty fashion, Sunmi has become a style star that everyone is anticipating.

One way to describe her style is that the staple pieces she wears may seem basic at first glance, but her unique way of styling them makes a lasting impact. That, plus her impeccable hair and makeup, confident stance, and sweet smile, all take her visuals to a whole other level. To cop her style, all you need are the basics inside your closet and some styling tricks inspired by this celebrity fashion heroine.

A versatile piece for all seasons

Just when you think shorts are a one-trick pony as a summer piece, Sunmi shows us multiple ways to wear them. For warmer days, she wears her fave pair with either a printed flowy top, a boho-inspired blouse, or a spaghetti strap top. She also elevates her outfit with either a pair of pastel slip-on flats or edgy boots.

For colder days, she pulls off the jean-on-jean trend and layers her shorts with a basic shirt and a heavy coat. Another thing that she always carries with her is a chic standout bag or clutch. While these can make or break an outfit, her bags definitely hit the spot!


The “no pants/shorts” look

Sunmi is always confident about her long legs, and she rocks the shorts looks or even the no-pants/shorts look!

Socks add that something extra to any outfit

Her overall outfits are always chic, but if you look more closely, she adds small details that add a touch of quirkiness or cuteness to her look. Whether she’s attending a red carpet event or a brand launch, she wears socks with her heels, open-toed sandals, or even loafers. It’s quite a genius addition, because it not only makes a subtle style statement, but it also makes her heels more comfortable and non-slippery for her to wear.

Effortlessly stylish combinations

This is the no-fail, easy, effortless, and guaranteed formula for Sunmi’s feminine yet edge style: a jacket or a suit, plus either a floral dress or a dress with an interesting material/details, and booties. This look can take anyone from day to night, and you can practically wear it everywhere: to a party, airport, event, and many other occasions!

Mixing it up

Sunmi is known for mixing high and low brands as well as light and heavy pieces to switch up her looks. Here she wears her light dresses with heavy statement shoes to make it more edgy. Plain dresses will surely look more exciting with unique shoe choices.

A good pair of Doc Martens goes a long way

Speaking of shoes, Sunmi’s Doc Marten boots are put to good use whether she’s traveling, dancing, or posing for magazine shoots! They’re comfy, durable, and can go with any look.

And so does a good leather jacket

In an interview, Sunmi said, “I always focus on having a one-point look! I try to avoid heavy or messy looks. I love highlighting one item only.” This is especially true when she wears a statement leather jacket with a form-fitting dress, jeans, or check pants. Again, we can see her trick of wearing “one highlight item” over what could have been a basic look.

A big, chunky belt makes a whole lot of difference

Need to complete an outfit? Belt it out!  Whether it has a big embellished buckle, skinny or wide, classic leather or metallic, belts always accentuate any shape and makes any outfit look a bit more put-together.

Polka dots make a fun and flirty look

Polka dots are a fashion print trend that never seems to die, and for good reason. It’s simple yet fun, and it can go from a classic to modern look.


Make “lazy wear” stylish

Not a fan of tight-fitting clothes? Switch up your baggy and comfy clothes you can basically sleep in with an interesting top or statement shoes.

Yes, comfort and style can co-exist

Much like the previous tip, you can mix and match your comfy wear to create a stylish look. In this photo, Sunmi switches up her loose monochromatic winter look with a striped turtle neck and matches her white shoes with a bag of the same color.

Make inner wear an outerwear

You’ve probably seen the pajama trend, and this look adds a bit of twist to it. In this image, Sunmi layers her silk night gown-inspired dress with a matching shirt, slippers with socks, and an eco bag.

Play with color combinations

There are no strict rules when it comes to fashion, and Sunmi shows that she’s having all the fun by mixing her looks with different colors. Some of them that you wouldn’t expect look great together!


Sometimes, all you need is a statement shirt!

Fan merchandise never looked this good, as Sunmi dresses it up or down!

Keep slaying queen!


Hey Soompiers! Which one of Sunmi’s looks would you like to try? Tell us in the comments below!

DP_Kim is an English magazine and online writer and former stylist based in South Korea. Follow her Korean adventures at instagram.com/dianne_panda.

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