BTS To Donate Proceeds From New Emoticons To “Love Myself” Campaign With UNICEF

Mobile platforms Line and Kakao are taking part in BTS’s “Love Myself” campaign with UNICEF!

BTS and UNICEF launched a “Love Myself” campaign last November that aims to put an end to global violence against children, with the campaign already raising over 600 million won (approximately $558,000) in donations.

Line and Kakao have created another way for people to easily contribute to BTS’s “Love Myself” campaign. The two platforms released sets of stickers and emoticons of BTS on January 30.

When Line’s donation stickers and Kakao’s “Give-ticon” emoticons are purchased, a portion of the profits will be donated to the “Love Myself” campaign fund. Additional donations to “Love Myself” will also be made when users take part in Kakao’s contribution platform “Together Value with Kakao” and Naver’s online donation platform “Happy Bean” through commenting and more.

In terms of Kakao’s new “Give-ticon” emoticons, it is common for the profits of emoticons to be divided between the creator and Kakao. BTS will donate the entirety of their profits from the “Give-ticon” emoticons to the campaign fund while Kakao will be donating a portion of their profits.

More information about BTS and UNICEF’s “Love Myself” campaign can be found on the website, and users can also take part and raise awareness by using the hashtags “#BTSLoveMyself” and “#ENDviolence” on social media.

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