Yoo Seon Ho Looks Back On How He Started His Career And Shares His Worries

During the January 30 broadcast of tvN’s “Leaving the Nest 2,” Yoo Seon Ho opened up to his fellow cast mate Ki Dae Myung about his thoughts on his current career path.

The program follows a group of young celebrities and children of famous figures as they travel through Greece and learn to be more independent. On the last day of their trip, Yoo Seon Ho and Ki Dae Myung paired up and explored Athens, Greece.

Yoo Seon Ho shared how he originally had zero interest in being a celebrity, and how his childhood dream was to become a baseball player. The idol commented, “I was the leader of a band. When I prepared for my audition, I just moved around to EXO’s ‘Growl’ and that was it. I didn’t think I would pass at all.” He also explained how his parents had divided opinions when he auditioned, explaining, “My dad encouraged me and said, ‘Do what you want,’ but my mom was opposed.”

When Ki Dae Myung commented that he was jealous that Yoo Seon Ho was already on a career path he selected, Yoo Seon Ho confessed, “That’s true. I’m still not sure if I chose well or not.”

He continued, “I don’t know about other people, but for me, it wasn’t because my skills were good— It’s not that I’m that talented, in singing or dancing. I’m not that good at singing, dancing, or acting. So, every time I have to show something, I really want to do well. That burden is really huge. I have to do better, but I’m still lacking. That’s why I’ve been working even harder.” Ki Dae Myung reassured him, saying that being able to address his weaknesses is a sign of his maturity.

Yoo Seon Ho’s mother, who was watching their prerecorded vacation in the studio with her son, began to tear up while listening to her son candidly discuss his worries.

“Seon Ho used to confide a lot in us, his dad and his mom, but from some point on, after he began to live in the dorms, he doesn’t really talk [about his worries],” his mom said. “So, I kept feeling sorry because there was nothing I could do for him. Seeing him talk to [Ki Dae Young], I feel emotional. I also hope he can come to me as well when he has worries.”

Saying that he didn’t want his parents to worry, Yoo Seon Ho expressed, “I’m thankful just at the fact that my mom is next to me. She’s really a huge source of strength for me.”

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