iKON Praises YG Trainee Choi Raesung’s Talent

iKON, who recently came back with “Love Scenario,” talked about working with Choi Raesung and praised his brilliancy in music.

Choi Raesung, former “K-Pop Star” contestant and current YG trainee, previously appeared on “Stray Kids.” Yang Hyuk Suk proudly bragged about Choi Raesung’s dancing and producing skills. After appearing on “K-Pop Star,” he was recruited by YG Entertainment and actively grew as a producer under the name MILLENNIUM for the past six years. He will debut in YG’s new boy group along with Bang Ye Dam.

Choi Raesung produced “Bling Bling” with iKON’s leader B.I before and even worked on “Love Scenario” with iKON this time. B.I said, “Choi Raesung and I have known each other for six years. We lived and practiced together. He’s a producer, and his sensitivity is unique. I really like him, and we make a good team. I worked on this title track with him as well. His name is going to become more popular from now on. I think he’s about 70 percent a genius.”

Donghyuk also praised, “Choi Raesung is already a producer in YG. He knows more diverse music than we do, and he’s brilliant. That’s why it’s fun, and I actually learn more from him.”

iKON recently topped major realtime charts with “Love Scenario,” and their new album took over iTunes album charts worldwide.

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