N.Flying Becomes Honorary Ambassadors For Potatoes

Thanks to their recent song “Hot Potato,” the five members of N.Flying have become honorary ambassadors for potatoes!

During their comeback showcase earlier this month, the members said they wanted to become the honorary ambassadors of Gangwon Province’s potatoes, and their dreams came true!

Kim Duk Chul, the representative of the Agricultural Cooperative of Gangwon Potatoes, said, “I hope N.Flying, who are currently promoting [their song] ‘Hot Potato,’ will inform young people about our potatoes that are the pride of Gangwon Province’s farmers. I [chose them] because I thought their healthy and cheerful image fit the role of honorary ambassadors.”

The band uploaded a photo of themselves at the appointment ceremony along with the words, “Dreams do come true. Super band N.Flying, who became honorary ambassadors for Gangwon Province’s potatoes, will do their best to work hard to promote potatoes! Gangwon Province’s potatoes are the best!”

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