Go Hyun Jung And Lee Jin Wook Stare Each Other Down In Tense Stand-Off On “Return”

Despite getting great ratings and topping rankings, “Return” isn’t planning to rest on its laurels any time soon.

The crime thriller drama continues to ratchet up the tension between its characters in new stills released for an upcoming episode. Go Hyun Jung and Lee Jin Wook have a tense stand-off, with Lee Jin Wook physically backing Go Hyun Jung against the wall. Although she looks surprised at first, her face eventually settles into a cold calm.

Go Hyun Jung plays a lawyer from a poor background and the host of the show ‘Return,’ Choi Ja Hye, while Lee Jin Wook plays an obsessive police detective named Dok Go Young. The two of them team up to solve a murder whose suspects live among high society, while hiding their own secrets from one another.

The scene in the new stills was filmed on January 18 in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province. The scene required a lot of quick, precise movements so the two actors rehearsed the physical action carefully before filming began. They also made sure to consult the script and confer about how to make it appear more natural.

The production staff stated, “Even after they decided to pool their information, Choi Ja Hye and Dok Go Young are still on thin ice around each other and so things get tense. After the end of last episode, where we see a new side to Dok Go Young, the relationship between the two of them will change in subtle ways.”

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