BoA Talks About Her Long Run In The Industry And Shares Details Behind Her New Comeback

After releasing her single “NEGA DOLA,” BoA sat down for an interview to talk about her years in the music industry and the music and concept behind her latest comeback.

When asked about the strong lyrics in “NEGA DOLA,” BoA said, “Hm, it does seem like the type of lyrics that men wouldn’t like to hear, but I want even people like that to think, ‘Oh, BoA does this kind of music?’ I felt refreshed. A lot of people invoke my name when talking about ‘girls on top’ and ‘girl crush’ but I don’t think I’ve done that kind of music in a while. When I thought about what a ‘girl crush’ meant to someone in their 30s, ‘NEGA DOLA’ [literally ‘I’m going crazy’] came to mind. I hoped that a lot of women would feel refreshed by it.”

Talking about following the latest trends, she said, “There have been times when I wore clothes that didn’t suit me just because I was following the trends. After a while, I wanted to try music and styles that weren’t going to die out fast. I haven’t done a very colorful music video until now, so I wanted to make something very vivid.”

BoA was then asked about the “sexy” concept of her clothes for “NEGA DOLA.” “I’m still uncomfortable with showing skin,” she shared. “Even when I was wearing a big fur coat, showing my stomach for a little bit made me uncomfortable. So I wore a T-shirt underneath. I don’t think that I’m sexy but when photos and articles come out, I’m glad for that kind of feedback.”

BoA made her debut in 2000 and is in the 19th year of her career. “I read a lot of articles that pick me as their role model or say that my CD was the first one they bought,” she recalled. “I’m very grateful for that. It makes me think I need to keep working hard as a singer.”

She went on, “People say that I’m in my 19th year, but I don’t really feel it. I’ve just done what I’ve always done since I was young, and after a while I stopped counting the years. Rather than saying I’m in ‘this’ year of my career, I want to enjoy new music appropriate for whatever age that is. I’m excited to see what kind of music I’ll make in my 30’s, so I hope that other people can appreciate that too.”

BoA also shared some of her future plans, such as whether she’d do something like MC “Produce 101 Season 2” again. “On that show, as the national producer, I felt a lot of pressure,” she said. “This time I started the year in January as a singer and in March I have a Japanese tour. I will probably have a lot more promotions as a singer. If some good projects come in for me as an actor, I’ll take that as it comes.”

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