Jeong Sewoon Shares Stories From Filming New MV In Guam And More

Jeong Sewoon told some stories about his comeback in a new interview!

The “Produce 101 Season 2” contestant, who made a splash with his debut track “Just U,” recently made his comeback with “Baby It’s U.” With the second part of his first mini album, he is making a name for himself as a solo artist.

The theme “refreshing” is everywhere throughout Jeong Sewoon’s comeback. With his new track about an honest and sweet love, as well his beautiful, scenic music video filmed in Guam, his newest mini album is described as refreshing as it gets.

In an interview, Jeong Sewoon shared, “I’m very happy and excited to be coming out with new music as a comeback as opposed to a debut. The music is more mature than in part one, and so I was pretty nervous as to how it would be received. I hope people enjoy the music.”

The singer directly participated in various stages of the album-making process. He commented, “I wrote things by hand here and there in the album. I wrote about my thoughts and worries as an average person. Maybe that’s why, but I feel as though I’ve shown a more truthful side of myself in this album. It feels more precious as well.”

Jeong Sewoon was then asked about filming the music video in Guam. He shared, “In the music video, there’s a scene where I’m sitting in a car. Because I don’t have a license, I had to sit in a car that wasn’t moving and act, but every time we went in to shoot, I felt like I was the best driver.” He continued, “I also felt the change in seasons quite a bit, as we filmed in the warmth of Guam when it was very cold in Korea. It’s still pretty cold in Korea, so I hope many people will see the music video and feel warm.”

He shared, “We heard that it was going to rain, so we worried a lot, but on the day of the shoot the weather was unbelievably beautiful. It was a relief that we got lucky with the weather. I also love the ocean and so I feel recharged after seeing my fill of the ocean. Through the music video, I feel like I’ve satisfied my thirst to travel, so I was really happy.”

Jeong Sewoon also talked about acting in the “Winter Film” that he released before his comeback. He commented, “I didn’t really think about it as acting when I was filming the ‘Winter Film.’ I think that because the people who were filming and the staff on site were always next to me, I was able to show a more natural side to myself.”

He mentioned his fellow “Produce 101 Season 2” contestants, including JBJ, MXM, and RAINZ, who are also currently promoting. He shared, “They are friends who always give me strength. I’m always thankful, and I always want to cheer on their activities.”

Jeong Sewoon was then asked what stood out to him the most in this album. He answered, “This album has a lot of songs from various genres. So every time I listened to each track, I got different emotions and a different feel. I also got to put in things I wanted to say, as an average person — my honest story. I was really happy making this album.” He concluded, “I hope that from now people will look forward to seeing me grow as a musician.”

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