BoA Shares Which Groups Have Caught Her Eye + Attempts Quiz On Naming Idols

On the January 31 episode of “Weekly Idol,” the singer talked about keeping up with current idols and which groups she has an interest in.

BoA confessed, “Truthfully, it is difficult to remember all the individual names,” but said she tries to at least remember group names. She explained how she watches music programs frequently, and tries to keep up with what groups are promoting with what kind of music. “It’s because when they come greet me, I would feel sorry if I don’t know who they are,” BoA shared. “Because I went through a debut period also, and whenever a senior recognized me, it felt good and made me want to work harder.”

MC Jung Hyung Don asked her which idols she had her eye on recently, excluding SM Entertainment artists. BoA picked Oh My Girl, mentioning how the former had won No. 1 after around 1000 days. The singer also named GOT7, saying that they would be making a comeback soon. She was then asked which idols she had her eye on among the rookies specifically, to which she answered loyally, “I hope NCT does well.”

The MCs then tested her knowledge to see if she really could recognize the group after seeing an image. The first was a picture of Oh My Girl’s YooA, to which BoA immediately guessed the group correctly. The second photo was of BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Again, she named the group immediately and also correctly answered that it was Jennie after a hint from the MCs. Last was ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, whose group name and individual name she guessed correctly. The MCs teased, “You definitely remember the ‘visual genius.'”

BoA also tried her hand at Random Play Dance, which you can watch here!

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