Update: CLC’s Eunbin Shows Grace And Impressive Skill In Pole Dancing Video

Updated February 3 KST:

CLC member Eunbin’s full pole dancing video has now been shared!

In the video, she performs an elegant dance to Selena Gomez’s “Hands to Myself.” Check it out below!

Original Article:

On January 31, videos of CLC’s Eunbin were uploaded onto the group’s official Instagram of the idol pole dancing.

In the first video, Eunbin is dressed in a black shift dress and swings around the top of a pole in what appears to be a bright studio. The caption reads, “Coming soon! Eunbin’s pole dancing skills, which she’s been working on since last year. Here’s a slight spoiler of her recently. Please look forward to it.”

In the second post, Eunbin poses elegantly in a black-and-white teaser. The caption for this video reads, “Have you seen the spoiler that was uploaded before? I’ll soon show you something really cool, so please look forward to it. ai worked really hard. Cheshires [CLC fans] who we want to see so badly, see you soon.” The post also includes a selfie.

Are you excited to see what Eunbin has in store?