Junho Opens Up About Why 2PM Renewed Contracts With JYP + Plans For Military Enlistment

In a recent interview, 2PM’s Junho talked about being the first artist to renew their contracts with JYP Entertainment twice.

On January 31, JYP Entertainment announced that five of the six 2PM members had chosen to re-sign with the agency for the second time. Taecyeon, who is currently serving in the military, will discuss the possibility of renewing his contract once he completes his service.

Junho reported, “All six of us agree that we should stay together forever as 2PM no matter what, which makes me really happy.”

He explained that even before renewing their contracts with JYP, all six members had been determined to keep the group together. “We went into discussions with the idea that whether some of the members renewed or not, we would still stay 2PM forever,” he said.

Junho also brought up the fact that 2PM was the first artist in JYP history to renew their contracts with the agency more than once. “To be precise, it’s a re-renewal of our contracts,” he remarked. “2PM is the first to re-renew. I liked the idea that we were the first.”

He went on to describe 2PM’s unique relationship and close bond with the company. “Over the past 10 years, we’ve watched JYP mature and grow, and because we’ve seen how the agency used to be, we feel comfortable and at home,” he said. “Honestly, we have a hyung-dongsaeng (brotherly) relationship with the executives. And what’s really important and great is that because we’ve been through so much together, we feel so comfortable with the CEO that we even feel free to complain to him directly.

“We can’t behave petulantly with Park Jin Young, but we do with CEO Jung Wook. We freely express when we’re dissatisfied with each other. That’s why it was so easy to renew our contracts.”

He added, “Above all else, it was most important for the members to stay together.”

When asked about the group’s teamwork, Junho replied, “Amazingly, although we sometimes argue a little, it never ends up reaching the level of an actual fight. I think we have that kind of respect and consideration for each other. Of course, we used to fight sometimes in the past, but now, I can’t remember anything like that. All the members are really considerate of one another and very patient.”

On the subject of his military enlistment, Junho commented, “I don’t have definite plans, but I should go sometime soon. I don’t know if it will be next year or when exactly it will be, but I’m starting to prepare little by little.”

He also talked fondly about Taecyeon, saying, “Since he was the first member to enlist, we all went to see him off. I saw a certain manliness in him that I’d never seen before. It made me think, ‘Was Taecyeon always this manly?’ He looked very cool.”

“I miss him,” Junho continued. “After seeing him for 10 years, suddenly not being able to see him for two years makes me sad. Because I was busy with filming, I couldn’t go to see him on his last day off, but I plan to go this month.”

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