gugudan Shares Their Music And Personal Goals For 2018

In a recent interview, the gugudan members revealed what they want to achieve in 2018, both as a group and individually.

Above all, the group explained that their biggest wish is to be recognized for their talents and achieve first place on a music program. “We are currently in our third year as a girl group. We still feel nervous whenever we stand on stage, but before we knew it, we have also become seniors who juniors will come greet. We feel a sense of responsibility, but also burdened,” leader Hana explained. “We hope to become known as a group that has talent and is charming, rather than just as a group with a unique name.”

“I wasn’t able to promote together last time because of an injury,” Soyee commented. “I really want to win first place since this is our first time promoting altogether in a while. Personally, I’m also interested in beauty, so I hope that I will have a challenge something in that field.”

Kim Sejeong added, “Just like how we started the year by showing ourselves well through ‘Sugar Man 2,’ we want to achieve good results with this comeback album.” She also shared that personally, she hopes that gugudan will be able to make an album that showcases each member’s vocal color.

Mina expressed, “We also want to hold a solo concert together with fans. I also want to try being an MC on a music program, and I want to continue acting.” Hana and Nayoung also revealed that they want to try acting. Nayoung continued, “I’m also studying music. I want to study hard and create a fan song.”

As the lead dancer and main vocalist of the group respectively, Hyeyeon and Haebin explained that they would like to have more opportunities to show their individual skills. Hyeyeon added, “Last year, I promoted as a unit with Mina, and I want to do that again this year.”

Sally expressed that she hopes that gugudan will be able to promote in China if given the chance, while Mimi shared that she wants to try be a advertisement model for a game as well as improve her cooking skills.

gugudan recently made their comeback with their single album “Act.4 Cait Sith.” Check out the music video for their title track “The Boots” here!

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