Hyunyoung Shares How Rainbow Has Maintained Their Strong Bond Even After Disbanding

Hyunyoung, formerly of girl group Rainbow, recently sat down for an interview where she talked about her friendship with the other Rainbow members.

When asked if she misses being in Rainbow, Hyunyoung replied, “Though our activities as Rainbow were hard, I really enjoyed them. What I remember from those days is that I had the other members by my side and our fans gave us so much strength with their support. Till now, I still go on YouTube and watch our music videos and other video clips from our activities, reliving all of those past memories. Striking out on my own does make me miss our group activities.”

She went on to say that though their group disbanded in 2016, the members have maintained a strong bond and meet up quite often to catch up with each other. On the secret to their friendship, she stated, “Everyone is so nice. We don’t like to fight so we usually talk things out and resolve a situation before it escalates and becomes a problem. That’s why there have never been any misunderstandings between us.” Hyunyoung also shared, “We all go on a trip together at least once a year around our debut date. We usually travel within Korea because of our schedules. I was sad that I wasn’t able to go on the latest trip because I was filming a movie.”

Not only do the Rainbow members meet up to travel, but they also share hobbies together. Hyunyoung additionally revealed that she recently began taking leather crafting lessons with fellow Rainbow members Jaekyung and Noel at the recommendation of Jaekyung. She proudly shared that she has made wallets, key rings, and clutch bags, and her friend loved the handmade clutch bag Hyunyoung made for her as a birthday gift.

The Rainbow members’ friendship is still strong, and they recently met up in January to show support for Hyunyoung at her family musical, “Magic Adventure.”

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