iKON Reveals Which Recent Girl Group Track They Really Like

iKON appeared as guests on MBC FM’s “Kangta’s Starry Night” on February 1. During the broadcast, iKON was asked about a variety of topics including working on their album and what idol groups they enjoy.

DJ Kangta asked the members what B.I said most frequently to the members while producing the album. Jinhwan replied, “I thought of something scary that he said, but it’s not appropriate to say on air. I remember what he said often when he was really angry. He said, ‘Let’s do it well!’ a lot.”

Kangta asked Yunhyeong, “How many times did you watch your MV?” Yunhyeong answered, “Honestly, I watched it 10 times. But from start to finish, I watched it about three times. Donghyuk in B.I’s kiss scene is funny, so I rewatched that part a few times.”

The DJ also asked the group, “What idols are you interested in these days?” Chanwoo responded, “There is a girl group that we all like. We really like MOMOLAND’s ‘BBoom BBoom,'” and they added that Yunhyeong likes it the most.

iKON released their second studio album “Return” and is currently promoting their chart-topping title track “Love Scenario.” Watch the MV here!

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