5 Romantic Ways Taeyang Has Proven His Love For Min Hyo Rin

BIGBANG’s Taeyang has proven himself to be the ultimate romantic: today, the singer is tying the knot with his first love, actress Min Hyo Rin.

Their story sounds like something out of the movies—the two are said to have fallen in love in 2014, after Min Hyo Rin starred in the music video for Taeyang’s solo track “1AM.” They went public with their relationship in 2015 and announced their engagement in December of last year. Famously, Min Hyo Rin is the first girl that Taeyang ever dated.

Over the years, the couple has attracted endless admiration and envy for their steady, unchanging commitment to one another. In particular, Taeyang has never shied away from openly expressing his feelings for Min Hyo Rin, often making public declarations of his love and devotion.

Here are five of the swoon-worthy ways that Taeyang has proven his love for Min Hyo Rin:

1. He writes songs about her.

Taeyang has made no secret of the fact that Min Hyo Rin often serves as the inspiration for his music. Openly referring to her as his muse, he confirmed that the actress had been on his mind while he was working on his most recent solo album, “White Night.”

At the press conference for the album’s release, Taeyang commented, “As with my previous song ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips,’ it’s impossible for my music to not be influenced by my girlfriend. To put it boldly, because she’s the person that I love the most, I think of her as my muse who gives me inspiration.”

2. He wants her to laugh at his jokes. Badly.

Taeyang revealed last year that he often makes cringe-worthy “dad jokes” that Min Hyo Rin doesn’t find all that funny.

After disclosing that his jokes typically received a lukewarm response, he added, “That’s why I end up making even more jokes. Because I want her validation.”

3. He sends her handwritten letters.

Taeyang impressed fans all around the world during an appearance on MBC’s “Radio Star,” when he revealed that he takes the time to express his love in a sweet, old-fashioned way.

The BIGBANG member shared, “I often write handwritten letters to Min Hyo Rin. I write them whenever I think of her. Sometimes I give them to her directly, and other times I send them together with flowers.”

4. His friends can tell from his mood how his relationship is going.

Fellow BIGBANG member and longtime close friend G-Dragon revealed in 2016 that Taeyang’s mood visibly changes based on the state of his relationship with Min Hyo Rin.

“It really shows in his expression,” remarked G-Dragon. “He’s an upbeat guy, so when he spends all day looking morose or keeps sighing deeply, he doesn’t have to say anything for us to be able to guess that there was a fight.”

Seungri chimed in, “It’s safe to say that Min Hyo Rin is pretty much in command of Taeyang’s moods.”

5. He’s always there to support her.

When Min Hyo Rin achieved her lifelong dream of debuting in a girl group through the KBS variety show “Sister’s Slam Dunk,” Taeyang sent her a bouquet of flowers with the romantic note: “My flower, My Muse.”

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Congratulations to the beautiful couple on their new beginning!

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