Teams For The Final Mission On “The Unit” Revealed

The final 36 contestants of “The Unit” have been decided, as well as their teams for their final mission!

At the end of a tense episode full of rankings and eliminations, the songs for the live finale next week were revealed. The two songs for the male teams were “Pull Me” and “Dancing With the Devil.” The two songs for the female teams were “You & I” and “Ting.”

To select the teams, each of the 36 contestants picked the song they wanted and three members that they wanted in the same team.

The male teams are as follows:

Blue Team (“Dancing With the Devil”)

  • Hangyul
  • Jeup
  • Donghyun
  • Timoteo
  • Jun
  • Seyong
  • Ji Hansol
  • Rockhyun
  • Suwoong

Black Team (“Pull Me”)

  • Marco
  • Chan
  • Kijoong
  • Daewon
  • Euijin
  • Feeldog
  • Lee Geon
  • Dongmyeong
  • Hojung

The female teams are as follows:

White Team (“Ting”)

  • Jiwon
  • Somyi
  • ZN
  • Euna Kim
  • Semmi
  • Lee Suji
  • DanA
  • Yang Jiwon
  • Lee Hyun Joo

Red Team (“You & I”)

  • Chahee
  • Shin Ji Hoon
  • Yoonjo
  • NC.A
  • Euijin
  • Yebin
  • Woohee
  • Yeoeun
  • Lee Bo Lim

The live finale will air on February 10 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

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