Breakout Member Of Rookie Girl Group Takes The Audience By Surprise On “King Of Masked Singer”

In the February 4 episode of MBC’s “King of Masked Singer,” eight new challengers appeared to challenge Red Mouth’s throne.

In the third match of Round 1, “Racing Car” went up against “Helicopter” and they performed the duet “If I Say Ya, You Say Ye!,” originally sung by Kim Tae Woo and Lyn.

Panelist Yoo Young Suk said, “When I just heard their names, I thought it would be comic, but they’re professionally talented. Racing Car’s voice is like a searchlight. Even when all lights are off, it shines in the dark. Helicopter sings very well.”

Kim Gura claimed to know who the contestants were, saying that he’d done a show with Racing Car before and that Helicopter was someone he’d had his eye on for some time.


The deciding factor between the two contestants came down to just 3 votes, but in the end Racing Car moved on to Round 2. For her final solo song, Helicopter performed Song Ji Yeon’s “I Was a Car.”

When she took off her mask, she was revealed to be MOMOLAND’s JooE. In her closing statements, she said, “Vocals are my specialty but most people recognize me through my dancing. I thought maybe singing wasn’t right for me and went through a hard time but now that I was able to put on a mask and stand on stage, I’ve gained some new confidence.”

She added that she wanted to become a girl group member who fans could be proud of and said, “Whether it’s singing or dancing, I want to become a hardworking and talented JooE of MOMOLAND.”

MOMOLAND recently made a successful comeback with “Bboom Bboom,” taking their first ever win on a music show. JooE became one of the breakout members of the group last year when videos of her dancing went viral and she landed a commercial deal with Tropicana.

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