Sunye’s Husband Shares Something He Feels Apologetic To His Wife About

On the February 4 episode of JTBC’s “Stranger,” former Wonder Girls member Sunye and her husband James met up with fellow Korean expats Seo Min Jung and her husband Ahn Sang Hoon.

When Seo Min Jung’s husband asked James if he ever regretted marrying Sunye, James said, “Not even once. Honestly, it was easy for me [to make the decision to marry her]. Everyone around me was applauding my choice. But unlike me, the people around Sunye were disappointed because she got married in the height of her career. Someone told me that Sunye was known for being a celebrity without any anti-fans, but after she married me, a lot of anti-fans popped up. I felt sad about that.”

Once I looked at some comments online and there was a lot of negativity. They called her selfish and said she was only paying attention to money. My wife saw that and was like, ‘It’s a choice that I made myself, and those people probably have a reason for thinking the way they do’ and was undaunted by it. But I felt so sorry towards my wife.”

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