Red Velvet Talks About Dating, Drinking Together, And More

On February 5, Red Velvet’s Irene, Seulgi, and Wendy guested on SBS radio program “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” where they talked about dating, drinking together, and more.

Red Velvet recently made a successful comeback with “Bad Boy.” As the song is about a tense relationship between a chic woman and a bad man, a conversation about “bad guys” and “bad girls” naturally took place between the host and the Red Velvet members.

DJ Choi Hwa Jung asked the group what they imagine when they think of a “bad guy.” Seulgi answered, “I think if someone lies that makes them a bad guy or bad girl,” while Irene replied, “I think it’s a guy who evades me.” Wendy commented, “If I feel that I’m not being cared for or if I’m not being loved then the guy is a bad guy,” and shared that she didn’t think she had really met nice guys or bad guys.

The members also discussed Wendy’s cooking skills. Choi Hwa Jung brought up the time when Wendy personally bought groceries and made a lunchbox for a manager who was having a hard time. Wendy explained, “I like to cook. I like it even more when I see people eating my food and being happy.” Seulgi added, “A long time ago, I tried Wendy’s first attempt at braised short ribs and it was really good. It was better than the ones at restaurants. I think it’s because she put in sincerity.”

The topic of Irene’s beauty also came up during the broadcast. Many listeners commented, “Irene is so pretty,” to which Choi Hwa Jung asked if there was anything that she didn’t like about her face. After giving it some thought, Irene said, “[I don’t like] when I wake up and my eyes are swollen. I have side cheeks,” to which Wendy joked, “Those are just your cheeks.”

On the topic of drinking, Seulgi shared that the members like the atmosphere of drinking with each other. She continued, “There aren’t a lot of times when we drink all together. We drink together at the end of the year, or if something good happened and we want to congratulate each other.” They revealed Joy as the member who enjoys drinking the most, while Irene commented, “I can’t drink beer well. If I even smell it, it’s a bit difficult,” and chose soju over beer.

Choi Hwa Jung then asked the group what they would do if they were given vacation time. Wendy answered, “I think anywhere would be good.” Irene picked, “I’ve said this before, but I want all the members to visit Wendy’s home. Or I think it would be good if we took Wendy to our homes.” She then revealed that unfortunately no one has their driver’s licenses yet, to which Wendy shared,” It’s my goal to get a driver’s license.”

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