6 Reasons Why We're Extremely Nervous After

If we thought life was as complicated as it could get for the characters of “Hwayugi,” we were wrong. Because this:


is bad news. Romances, friendships, and lives are at stake now that a new power is stirring up chaos for our characters, and episodes 11 and 12 left us more nervous than ever about the fate of Sun Mi, Oh Gong, and crew. Let’s recap all the reasons why!

Warning: spoilers for Episodes 11 and 12 below!

1. The possibility of Sun Mi killing Oh Gong

Thanks to the Death Bell, we’ve known that Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) and Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) share a deadly fate in which one of them will cause the other’s death. And with the Geumganggo bracelet causing Oh Gong to love Sun Mi unconditionally, it is implausible that he would harm her.


This week allowed us to fully appreciate just how powerful the Geumganggo is, when the bracelet inflicted actual physical pain on Oh Gong just because he attempted to ignore Sun Mi as she yelled for him not to hurt two thugs.


If the Geumganggo renders Oh Gong unable to ignore Sun Mi’s commands, it definitely doesn’t seem like he would be able to actually harm her, even if he wanted to. And since the Death Bell says one of them is fated to die, we should be very worried about Oh Gong.

2. The equally likely possibility of Oh Gong killing Sun Mi

But then again, this is the Great Sage we’re talking about, and if anyone can wiggle his way out of the spell of a magical bracelet, it’s him.

We hope that Oh Gong’s love for Sun Mi — both real and bracelet-induced — will be enough to prevent him from hurting her. But we also know that Oh Gong has a centuries-long habit of being a wily, self-centered rascal who can weasel his way out of anything.


Things are looking grim for the fate of this couple, which is all the more agonizing considering Sun Mi and Oh Gong had just started to fully embrace their feelings for each other.


3. The scheming priestess

As if the relationship woes weren’t enough, we now have the fate of the world to worry about as well, after Sun Mi and Secretary Ma accidentally unearth the spirit of a powerful priestess called an Asanyeo. And to add insult to injury, this sorceress has taken over the body of our formerly sweet, beloved zombie Bu Ja (Lee Se Young).


Why do we get the feeling that something is definitely going to go wrong?

We don’t yet know exactly what kind of havoc this shaman can wreak, but something about that creepy glint in her eyes tells us it will likely be pretty sinister.

4. Kang Dae Sung

Presidential hopeful Kang Dae Sung (Song Jong Ho) has been on our radar for a while now as a slimy guy with the potential to go full-blown evil should the right circumstances arise. And since his construction site unearthed the coffin that housed the Asanyeo, it looks like he’ll get his chance soon enough.

He looks like he’d probably be ok with the whole “becoming a king” thing.

A power-hungry politician plus an undead shaman with the ability to make kings does not bode well for the next election.

5. Ma Wang’s plot to backstab Oh Gong

Ma Wang (Cha Seung Won) has thus far been rather predictable, following orders from the heavens so he can save the woman he loves from her long-suffered divine punishment. But it looks like he, too, could become a wild card now with the introduction of the Asanyeo, who is uniquely able to help him because she is outside the jurisdiction of the heavens.

Of course, for Ma Wang to work with the shaman would mean betraying Oh Gong, who plans to capture her before she can throw the world into turmoil.

But Ma Wang cares for his beloved above all, and is not about to pass up on this opportunity just to appease Oh Gong.

It will be a shame if Ma Wang goes through with his plan, because this frenemy relationship was just starting to tip towards the bromantic side.


6. The romantic rival

As if having a malicious undead priestess around weren’t bad enough, the Asanyeo has also thrown yet another huge wrench into the romance plot.

A boyfriend that used to want to eat her, a magical bracelet that complicates their feelings, and now a sorceress trying to steal her identity (and maybe soul?) and her man… poor Sun Mi is really unlucky in love. The Asanyeo has already put Oh Gong under some kind of spell, and we are not liking where this is going.


Between the death bell, Ma Wang’s scheming, and the deviously bewitching priestess, it will be no small feat if our lovers can overcome and escape with their relationship — let alone their lives — intact. And save the world in the process. But that doesn’t stop us from rooting for them to pull through! Catch “Hwayugi” Episodes 11 and 12 on Rakuten Viki, or start watching below:


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