Tony Ahn Receives Treatment For Past Knee Injury During Rehearsals For H.O.T.’s Reunion

Tony Ahn has been revealed to have received treatment for a past knee injury while rehearsing for H.O.T.’s reunion performance.

On February 5, Tony Ahn posted a photo of himself at the hospital with the caption, “Hurting all over… Receiving treatment for the knee I had an operation on because the pain was getting to be too much, but I’ll be back at rehearsals tomorrow!” He is said to have visited the hospital after the pain in his knee worsened during rehearsals for H.O.T.’s upcoming show.

H.O.T. is set to appear on the “Infinite Challenge” special “ToToGa 3” (“Saturday Saturday is for Singers”). This will be the first time they are performing together in 17 years and they will be recording their performance on February 15 at the MBC Dream Center in Ilsan. Their special is set to air on February 17 and 24, and “Infinite Challenge” has released a teaser of the group preparing for the show.

We hope Tony Ahn gets plenty of rest before returning for rehearsals tomorrow!

Top photo credit: Xportsnews.

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